Monday, It’s Memorial Day: Animal Life Has Value, But The Value of Human Life Is Always Greater

On May 28th, 2016, just a few days ago as of my writing this, a Gorilla named Harambe living in the Cincinnati zoo, was gunned down because of the imminent danger he posed to a 4-year-old boy.

Read about all about it here:

Why did this happen? Why was this friendly looking creature killed?

Many people are asking this question and some of them are showing their support in that position I showed you above. So far, there’s 212,553 people who have signed their First and last name, email, and address to this online petition.

Blake McCoy of NBC,  just tweeted earlier this morning how this petition had already reached 100,000 people. Now, I don’t know about you, but now that it’s almost diner time in the same day, that’s a whopping fine number – as Doctor Suess would say.

Was it good for this gorilla to be killed? Any sane person would have to agree that it was. Otherwise, this boy could clearly have been crushed or thrown or killed by a swipe of this massive creature in a moments notice. If it were my son I would be begging park officials to take down the gorilla.

The real issue now is who is responsible for this gorilla losing his life?

Some people, the people who sign this petition, believe the parents of the boy are responsible. And of course they are. Who in their right mind loses track of their child at the fence of a gorilla, or a tiger, or any wild animal? Perhaps the child had escaped his parents and they were unaware. This seems like it would have been a critical piece of news for us all to miss by now.

Parental negligence was at play here, no if ands or buts about it.

However, let me leave a seed, or a thorn of an idea with you before I go eat my Memorial Day dinner.

What about the Zoo of Cincinnati? What kind of yahoo builds an enclosure a 4-year old boy can enter, lets 4-year-old boys into the Zoo, and then doesn’t properly watch like a hawk to make sure 4-year olds don’t crawl in and become lunch?

What about the park? Shouldn’t the Zoo of Cincinnati be held accountable ultimately? Aren’t they the ones who built an enclosure that a toddler can enter? And if a child can crawl into it, shouldn’t they have a person watching like a hawk that a human doesn’t cross that line – literally becoming lunch.

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